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Over 120,000 Christmas Lights choreographed to a Star Wars remix. Our display, in Laguna Hills, California, features a 30 foot tall grid Christmas Lights grid covering our home which displays R2D2, Yoda and Darth Vader, plus a trip through hyperspace!


Christmas Lights Jamboree is our own song, with lyrics by my wife Michelle, and performed by an awesome couple named Oscar and Marie Lindstein.  It's a really fun song and the lights go great to it!


Our episode is on December 9th!

Michael Moloney and Sabrina Soto from the TV Show “Extreme Makeover” are the judges.

The Great Christmas Light Fight” is a unique show where twenty familes from many different states compete with their outside Christmas Decorations.  On Monday the 9th, the show will run for 1 hour, then for 2 hours the next two Mondays.  Michael Moloney and Sabrina Soto each will judge ten of the homes.

The Great Christmas Lights Fight is the first reality show of its kind.  Each week four familes compete by transforming the outside of their homes into a winter wonderland!  Each family has different styles and different reasons for decorating.  Some include incredibly elaborate Christmas light displays, incredible musical choreography and over-the-top designs.

The Great Christmas Light Fight is produced by Fremantle Media North America (with credits such as “American Idol,” “America’s Got Talent”). Executive Producers for the show are Brady Connell, Jennifer Mullin, Max Swedlow and Thom Beers.

This is a not to miss event that will bring a holidy smile to everyone who watches (and a laugh or two)!


3 Great Christmas Light Fight

The Great Christmas Light Fight show starts at at 8 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 9 with four families competing for the best Christmas Lights.

The homes where chosen based on the families tradition of decorating.  A nationwide search was conducted for over two years to select the familes to be on the all new Christmas Light Show!

2 Great Christmas Light Fight

We will be on the show's premiere on December 9th on ABC – Broadcast Nationally

1 Great Christmas Light Fight


ABCPressRelease Great Christmas Light Fight

Be sure to watch Great Christmas Light Fight

While many cable stations have covered Christmas Lights, this is the first time that a national station has created such a show.  With "Watching Christmas Lights" being such an important national passtime, the show should be huge!  Often times when you go to see Christmas Lights, while you see all of the handy work that went into the display, you don't know that family that put it up. As a requirement for the show each family had to put up their own lights and couldn't hire a professional lighting contractor do create the attraction.  The Great Christmas Light Fight is even making its way into IMDB.

You never know, your favoriate display might be on this show!  You're not going to want to miss The Great Christmas Light Fight!


Talk a walk through our Christmas Lights home and learn more about The Blount Family!

Our 2013 decorations are in the works. The show launches on Thanksgiving Night and runs Tuesday’s – Sunday’s until Christmas Night, including Christmas Eve. Hours are from 5pm – 9pm. Come by for some warm apple cider and holiday cheer!

Ho! Ho! Ho!  This year's 2013 Christmas Lights Show will feature 212 channels of dancing LED lights choreographed to 12 songs plus 11,100 RGB lights on our giant wall covering our home.  More than 120,000 glimmering lights adorn our festive light display. The three large trees in front of our home are each decorated with over 3 miles of lights on each, and the largest tree is wrapped in an amazing 4 1/2 miles of lights.   You can even send a fun holiday text message to our guests that will appear on both in this website and on a 6 foot LED screen right in front of our light show.  All of our Christmas Lights come from Costco. They are 100% LED lights that use far less energy than standard light bulbs. In fact we use only about $125 of energy total for the duration of our show.

We invite you to join us each night not only for the outdoor light show, but welcome guests into our home to view a Christmas Village Wonderland!   Michelle spent hundreds of hours hand sculpting the giant snowy mountains of the Christmas towns.  She begins preparing the displays in August and works to keep every elf dancing and every light twinkling in each village through to the end of the holiday season. The largest village is the North Pole featuring over 100 animated Department 56 houses, towering snow peaks, and even a waterfall.  There is also a classic Bavarian style Christmas village also feature Department 56 house, a village dedicated to all things Disney, one for The Grinch, another featuring Charlie Brown, Rudolph and even a Christmas Carnival Boardwalk village. It is really a site to behold!

The tradition of Christmas Lights dates back to the middle of the 17th century in Germany.  Over the next two centuries the magic of Christmas Lights spread through Eastern Europe then to the rest of the world.  Candles were originally used, followed by lanterns and then on to electricity.  In 1882 Edward Johnson lit a Christmas tree in New York City by creating the first string of electric Christmas Lights.  In Just 20 years department stores began using Christmas Lights for their holiday displays.

Home Christmas Light Shows were inspired by Carson Williams house in the mid 2000s.  His cutting edge display garnered the attention of national media and was used in a Miller beer television commercial.  Thanks Carson for your vision. 

Michelle and I launched our display in 2009 and have been growing it each year since.  Hope you’ll join us!

Be sure to watch December 7th – 7pm West Coast 
10:00 PM Eastern
60 MIN.

Four Houses
Home For The Holidays

In this very merry episode, Los Angeles florist David puts his California ranch up against math coach Marcy’s bay front home, software company CEO Andrew’s Spanish colonial and stay-at-home mom Tanja’s Tuscan villa.

Thanks for visiting us!  Here are the answers to our Christmas Trivia…

1.  How many Christmas Trees are outside?  51 – There are 50 little trees and one "Mega Tree"

2.  What's the name of the Blount's Christmas song?  Christmas Lights Jamboree

3.  What's trying to steal the upside down Christmas tree?  The Grinch!  He's right above it reaching for it.

4.  What's the name of the largest snow village?  The North Pole

5.  How tall is the tallest Nutcracker?  12 feet tall!

6.  How many Grinch are in the home?  15  – There are 13 in the Grinch display plus two wooden ones.

7.  What type of artwork is hanging in the home?  Packages.  We have wrapped all of our artwork with Christmas wrapping paper.

8.  How many years have the Blount's been opening there home to Christmas guests?  Five.  We started in 2009.


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5 pm - 10 pm Every Night for Lights Until Christmas Night. Our Home Is Open For Tours Wednesday - Sunday from 6 pm (or so) until 9 pm (or so).

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Fridays nights are collection days for the Firefighter's Spark of Love Toy Drive. Please bring a new, unwrapped toy to give to kids who need a Christmas smile. christmas lights toy drive

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